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Worb5 Malossi 24/63 Upgear

Below is when the gear kit was on the Lab Rat it is now in the DLR.

notes from elsewhere 

With standard gearing the GPS top speed is 124Km/hr. By working out the gear ratio, we find that this speed is equal to about 7,200 RPM. Looking at the dyno results, this RPM is just past the peak, and the scooter is being pushed along with 12HP and the push is dropping quickly with any increase in speed/RPM. Also of note is that there is a lot of grunt down low 1-1.5 more than a Malossi.

The theory is that with the upgear kit, 124Km/hr will equal ~6,500RPM. At this RPM, the engine is pushing with 12.6HP and has till 132Km/hr before the power starts dropping off. So we should see higher top speed.

Also of value is that 100Km/hr will now be ~5,500RPM instead of ~6,000RPM, so the scooter will cruise a lot more smoothly.


Well the theory sort of worked. Yes, the upgear kit allowed me to hit 130Km/hr on GPS (140Km/hr on the speedo), however this only worked in traffic. Although I wasn't slip streaming, the surrounding motorway traffic broke up the air and reduced it's drag.

Exposed to the elements. the upgear kit actually slowed me down because I couldn't get to the power up in the higher revs. On the way to work (motorway traffic) I can cruise at 110Km/hr and have a lot more power to spare (up to 130Km/hr). On the open road (no traffic) I was sitting at 105Km/hr full throttle (this was what I was getting with a bolt on Pinasco and no porting etc). With a tail wind though, my speed shot up :)

To work out whether an upgear kit would work, have a look at your power curve (if you can) and then compare the rpm/speed to drag calculations. You scooter should have enough power for all areas of the graph (i.e. you can't get to 130 if you can't get to 110)

The upgear is now being used in the Dry Lake Racer which should have more that enough power!!!

Unknown user,
Mar 25, 2015, 12:10 AM