2016 Planning

2014 Lessons Learned 

I only got 89.664 mph but all my calcs suggested that I should have got 100mph+. Here are a list of things to check as the possible cause:

  • Calcs wrong
    • Cd calcualted wrong
    • Frontal area calculated wrong
    • Power to overcome drag calculated wrong
  • Data wrong
    • get data logging on scoot working and compare to dyno data
  • Bad fuel
    • dyno again with fuel used
    • run fuel in road scoot and see if it performs worse
      • Lab Rat test suggests that fuel might be a contributing factor. Testing on the way to work @100km/h temp was 300F (usually it is 320F). It was very smooth with no pinking. Tried winding it out and it was very slow to get to 110 km/h... lets see what the dyno says next...
  • Bad aero
    • campare to sitting in the position I actually sat in
  • Side Panel (all dyno runs have been done with side panel off)
    • with side panel on carb is restricted
    • negative pressure under sidepanel (and carb) causing power loss
  • Other factors
    • rollinig resistance a lot worse than I thought
    • front wheel/salt rubbing on radiator acting as brake
    • clutch slipping


  • CB radio 
  • Data logging system 
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