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HID Xenon Lights

Using additional lights on a Vespa doesn't work as there is only so much power to go around. The solution for brighter lights may be to use HID (Xenon) lights which use 35 Watts (the same power as a standard PX light).

In theory it sounds good but there are a few things that have to be solved before it will work:

  • HID are DC, so on a Vespa AC to DC conversion is required
  • Not just AC to DC conversion but the power needs to be constant (i.e. "lumpy" rectified power cause the light to flicker)

Possible solution...

  1. Use the AC regulated light circuit off the regulator
  2. Feed that into a rectifier (I have motorcycle one ready to go) and battery (size yet to be determined)
  3. Feed that into the standard light circuit

Tests so far... (from post to MelbourneSC)

"FYI - managed to get stage one of the HID (Xenon) light conversion running...

I had to cut a bit off the Xenon bayonette and a bit off the Vespa reflector, but nothing too drastic and it fits OK. (fitting the unit to the scoot though may be another story)

Stage one is hooking it up to a battery and stage two is doing a AC to DC conversion so it can be hooked up to a running scooter with AC light circuit..

Stage One results...

Well with a normal Vespa PX halogen headlight you can basically stare into it from a few metres away and your eyes adjust to a slight squint. With the Xenon I
am still seeing blotches and had to turn away the second the light hit my eyes. I have a Xenon main beam and halogen highbeam, basically the highbeam now
appears like a park light in comparison."


Unknown user,
Mar 25, 2015, 12:22 AM