DLRA Rules for Vespa Streamliners

Here are some notes that are especially applicable to a Vespa streamliner (stuff that we have to worry about).

  • prior to construction submit plans for checking by scrutineer
  • must be firewall between engine and rider
  • must have a fire extinguisher system for rider and engine
  • must have fire suit conforming to rules
  • roll cage  (7.H.4 needs careful consideration)
    • mechanical steel tubing - minimum diameter 1-1/4 inch (32mm)  and 2.3mm thick
    • 2 roll bars one forward and one behind the riders head
    • above riders head must be capped with 2.3mm steel plate
    • must cover the upper 140 degrees of the riders head
    • rider head movement limited to 50mm each side, top or rear
  • seat belts as spec'd are required
  • 7.H.6 confirm what "rigid inner liner" means
  • windscreen shatterproof and 120 degrees of horizonal vision
  • remote fuel shutoff required
  • rider pretected from tyres
  • canopy must allow exit from unassisted rider and also external persons
  • tyres have to meet speed rating
  • parachute is required (though this may be academic if the streamliner doesn't reach 175 mph for the first chute test)
  • steering needs to meet specs in 7.H.14
  • rear brakes are required
  • rules for skids are convered in 7.H.19
  • need a tow point