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Here is info on background planning for the Scooterlabs Dyno


look at options. So far they are:

1) buy a 'proper motorcycle dyno'.


Further research: keep an eye on ebay

2) buy the 'Mustang Scooter Dyno' that includes all probes and testers, computer and software.


Further research: see if they can supply the Eddy Current brake needed. See if they can reduce price with or without computer.

3) Build inertia dyno. Using heavy roller and flywheel (maybe geared) it will allow us to map accelleration consistently.


4) Build a chassis dyno using a heavy flywheel AND a braking device.

The choices seem to be (so far) 1- eddy current brake.

These could well be expensive but would be far easier and tidier than ...2- toroidal brake (water). Seems to require a water pump, water storage tank, flow control valve etc.

available from sea-and land . Prices yet to be checked.


My conclusions are as follows:

There is no real use for an inertia only Dyno. HOWEVER I believe we can build the framework, roller, sensors etc to easily accommodate extra flywheel weight (for immediate use on HP testing) AND/OR a braking device.

These conclusion come prematurely as I still have no indication of braking device prices, but in some ways makes it irrelevant as we can push forward and absorb that expense as a business cost in the near future.

My next Goals will be as follows:

1) find out from internetscooter how to best run this as a blog style process with a linked page for updated information on the actual plans.

2) conclude the necessary space, gearing and any other requirements to add any of the possible braking devices apres-build.

3) order PIPE for roller. 355mm OD, 12.7mm wall 12mm plate ends, 500mm long.

4) contact Jeremy about roller construction, axle diameter, fixing, etc

4) autocad end plates for roller. Probably will be better to have the centre holes for the axle drilled at the machine shop than laser cut.

NEXT THING - july 20 2011


1) I cant seem to find a source for the small eddy current retarder as picture as a part of the scooter dyno (mustang)

2) I have found some rather large EC retarders in china for around 1500 delivered.

3) Currently looking into a second hand dyno without software. This would put us month ahead as far as engineering. The model is purely inertia and is a long way from being portable (780 kg). we could instantly use it with Internet scooter's software and work out how to add a brake for load testing.

Internetscooter says: Scootute - It has no electronics at all? I'd need to look at what info it is sending to the original software - any info on that? If we can get by without the software that would be great so we can avoid the Dynojet fudge factor


I have bought a second hand Dynojet 150 with an uprated roller. See Dynojet acquisition

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