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Vespa CFD Pipeline

Here are my notes on the Vespa CFD pipeline I am using to generate results automatically. This is run on on

Pipeline Overview

Here are the steps in the pipeline:

  1. Assemble Vespa
    1. Todo: Automatically generate variations of Vespa streamline parts
    2. Select a number of parts from $PIPELINE_HOME/scooter_bits and combine them into a single STL model file
    3. Place the model file in $PIPELINE_HOME/common/stls for reference
  2. Calculate Frontal Area
    1. Process the single STL module file with CalculateFrontalArea
  3. Generate OpenFOAM Case
    1. Create a stub case in $CASE_HOME (based on Motorbike tutorial for now)
      1. This may include automatic updates to things like snappyHexMeshDict for working out optimal mesh sizes
    2. Set frontal area
      1. cp -f $PIPELINE_HOME/forceCoeffs $CASE_HOME/system/
      2. Update "Aref" to correct vaule (sed command probably)
    3. Create PBS batch script for launching the job
      1. cp -f $PIPELINE_HOME/common/run_openfoam ./$CASE_HOME/
  4. Gather Results
    1. Run OpenFOAM case and calculate power requirements from Cd and Aref
  5. Todo: Based on results submit new jobs using optimisation techniques


$PIPELINE_HOME= my working dir

$CASE_HOME = the specific test dir

Pipeline Detail

These are working notes, so beware of mistakes and vagueness ;)


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