Parts of the original Vespa Labs public wiki...

NOTICE - 31/03/2013 - Vespa Labs is changing direction!

The intent of Vespa Labs was to make a community resource for Vespa enthusiasts to collaborate on information. There have been a few people contributing however this has been isolated and for only short periods of time. Probably about 5% of the content has been contributed by other people but most has been by myself (internetscooter). There has been no external contributions in the past year. I have been running the site for over 5 years now and I can safely say it is now not going to take off as a wikipedia style Vespa resource!

Over the next few months I will be moving the focus of Vespa Labs to my racing and random experiements. I will retain the wiki part in a subsection and tidy it up. I will lock down my bits but still allow editing of the wiki part by the public.

So my lab notes will become the main "Vespa Lab" and wiki stuff will become secondary. 


Paul (a.k.a. internetscooter)

Original Text:

"Vespa Labs is a Vespa wiki dedicated to thought provoking* information about modfication and maintenance of Vespa scooters. Vespa Labs also has Vespa Labs Q&A, which like a forum but answers can improve over time and active contributors get karma.

Vespa Labs provides a place where anyone can add anything, just like in a forum, however unlike a forum, many eyes will be able to review and update the information. False information will soon be discarded, true information will be built on and made easier to understand.

By registering you will be able to contribute, revise and build on the information. You will be able to help the wider Vespa community build a living encyclopedia of Vespa information (just like Wikipedia does for general information).

To get started read this firstcreate an account and comment away.

*"thought provoking" means no information on this site should not be treated as accurate and should not be acted on without external validation by an expert (see Disclaimer)."