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Malossi 210

  • Bore: 68.5 mm (vs. standard 66.5 mm)
  • Timing: 18 degrees BTDC
  • Stroke: 57 mm (standard)
  • Compression: 1:10.5
  • Capacity: 210cc
  • Piston Rings: 2 semi-trapezoidal
  • Head: hemispherical
  • Transfer ports: 7
  • Main Jet (SI 24/24): 130
  • Material: Aluminium with Nikasil bore

Originally, Malossi did not supply a head with with this cylinder kit and engine tuners would have to get a stock head re-profiled. Malossi now produce a cylinder head which is a perfect match for the barrel and which is finished to a higher standard than the stock Piaggio heads. If a long-stroke crankshaft is used, however, the Malossi head is unsuitable (even with extra gaskets) and a cylinder head profiled for this purpose, such as that produced by MMW, will have to be fitted to the barrel.

Malossi fitting info: Malossi_fitting_instructions.pdf

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Mar 25, 2015, 1:51 AM